Friday, January 26, 2007

My Friday afternoon man-crush

Why I Love Charles Pierce:

Is it that hard for people there to realize that the country wants out of Iraq now? It is not a "divisive issue," except in the sense that it's divided the Avignon Presidency from its nominal employers. It is no longer even a serious debate beyond the various green rooms.
From where I sit, Chuck Hagel and Russ Feingold seem to be the only two people who understand this. Certainly, none of the announced presidential candidates do. Nuance away, you Circus of the Stars, you. By next Labor Day, any position other than Out Now is going to be a non-starter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well he forgot to mention john mccain. mccain wants another 150,000 troops. now, i don't know whether or not we even have another 150,000 troops available, however, if we do, i think it makes the most sense. we have to establish a democracy in iraq or else we face a certain escalation of terrorism worldwide, and here at home as well. cutting and running is not an option as mr hagel and mr feingold would have us believe. if we do not have 150,000 more troops, then i agree that adding only 21,000 more is a complete waste of time and will only result in more loss of life for the american troops and iraqis as well.

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